Madden & Zoey

My favorite thing about taking pictures of people is the personalities I get to capture!  Today was a fun day getting to see a friend, catching up, and watching her children play!  Madden was so delightful and made me laugh with his acting.  Little Zoey loved the camera so much and was so adorable that I almost took her home!  Even Milo came to pose for the camera.  All in all it was a great morning playing with toys!

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Baby Mary

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow…

My beautiful cousin Baby Mary!  It was so much fun to photograph her tiny features and wonderful family! I cannot wait to watch her grow.  Her older brother Parker took the spotlight too with his exciting personality!  Enjoy!

Baby Mary Ward-1 Baby Mary Ward-3 Baby Mary Ward-4 Baby Mary Ward-8 Baby Mary Ward-9 Baby Mary Ward-12 Baby Mary Ward-18 Baby Mary Ward-21 Baby Mary Ward-22 Baby Mary Ward-28 Baby Mary Ward-29 Baby Mary Ward-30 Baby Mary Ward-34 Baby Mary Ward-35 Baby Mary Ward-37 Baby Mary Ward-40 Baby Mary Ward-42 Baby Mary Ward-43 Baby Mary Ward-46 Baby Mary Ward-47 Baby Mary Ward-51 Baby Mary Ward-52 Baby Mary Ward-55 Baby Mary Ward-58 Baby Mary Ward-59

Spring Session Special!!!

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Spring Session

Baby Zoey

Baby Zoey’s Mommy was a very good friend of mine in high school.  We even chose colleges in the same state, Virginia.  After several years we caught up in Atlanta for lunch.  So of course, when I found out she was expecting I couldn’t wait, not only to photograph, but to see her precious little one!  Baby Zoey did not care too much for the camera.  In fact, if I held her she was perfectly content.  However, as soon as that big black box shielded my face she wanted none of it.  This didn’t stop her from the cutesy baby faces, and posing when I put the camera down.  But I caught her, which reminds me why photographers have to be patient.  Especially with babies, you must adjust to them and capture their budding personalities.  Sometimes those cutesy shots are nice, but this day was all about Zoey being herself!  I loved it and I cannot wait to go back and film her growing!

Taylor-76 T7 Taylor-98 T6 Taylor-51 Taylor-32 T4 Taylor-35 Taylor-10 T5 Taylor-94 Taylor-60 Taylor-73

Project 143

Ukrainian Host children coming “home” for the holidays to meet their families! Welcome home! Probably the most amazing experiences I have ever photographed. Even in bad lighting, you can see the LOVE that lit these families’ hearts as they waited for their children to come home. What a wonderful program and you can help! Check out Project 143 and see how you can help make a child’s life!

Help a Child Today with Project 143!





Project143-16 Project143-19


P143-2 P143-4

P143-5 Project143-203 P143-6

Thompson Family

Five years ago I had the pleasure of teaching a precious little girl.  However, the bigger pleasure has been watching her grow over the years through her mother, social networking is amazing!  I am amazed by how much she has grown, but can see that she is still the sweet little girl I had in 4th grade.  It was a honor to be able to photographer her family this weekend at the Cumming City Hall.


















A hunting we will go

As my husband headed out to hunt on his family’s hunting ground in Lorman, Mississippi I asked if I could tag along.  Of course, I couldn’t help but bring my camera out with me as we walked to the deer stand.  Such a peaceful walk.  I thoroughly enjoyed the silent moments spent in the deer stand with my husband. That is, until the shots rang out in my ears which lasted for hours afterward.
cabin huntsman water

Turning 30

Tomorrow I will officially be 30 years old.  Not a big deal, I know.  But I feel like I have lived 60 years in the 30 I have been given.  I have been through many hard times and always managed to come out on top.  I have also experienced some amazing things in my lifetime, like finding the love of my life!  I have been patient through everything, good times and bad.  I have waited and taken my time to get to where I am today.  So to celebrate my life I took the plunge (well, that was sky diving at 25) and got a tattoo.  But since I cannot just anything in any simple way, I decided to get two.

The first one was a test round to see if I could handle the one I’ve been wanting.  It’s a dove with an olive branch with 5 leaves representing the 5 major surgeries I have had.  I had multiple procedures, including a tumor removed from behind my ear.  Therefore, I felt it fitting to place a dove, a symbol of peace, flying over the spot where the tumor no longer exists and have not returned! In the picture you can sort of see the scar that almost took my ear off and required about 80 stitches, I had to stop counting.  So, something that I can still feel, still receive pain from, and  made me feel like Frankenstein’s monster is now a reminder of how tough I am.  Instead, every time I feel my scar or someone asks about it they will see the peace that I have now.  Hopefully I can continue to be an encouragement to those going through the same thing (less than 5% of the world’s population).



The second, a reminder of who I am and will always be.  My maiden name was so fun and after teaching for seven years as Miss King, it was hard to let go.  However, giving it up to the man that I patiently waited 28 years to find and 30 years to marry was worth it.  But I will never stop being me, the pink haired-spur of the moment-“flower child” gal that jumped out of planes,  jumped into random pictures as a child when I was supposed to be sleeping, and thought she was royalty because her last name was King.  The little girl will forever be never be forgotten and never go away!




The Small Things

Taking advantage of my new camera equipment and testing out some detail photography ideas for prints.  So, here are a few test shots of my jewelry.


Something Old-2


Something Old-1

Something Old-4


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